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Results announcement

“Listen to Yourself: Wonder from Home”

11 May 2020

Listen to yourself: Wonder from home


Thank you everyone for participating in this competition. After a vigorous selection process, the judging panel picked the following submissions as the top 5 entries. Dr Eugene Birman from the Department of Music has also given detailed comments to each of them to show our appreciation. We are truly amazed by Hong Kong secondary school students’ creativity during this exceptionally difficult period of time. Thanks again, congratulations, and take care!

Feel the Breath

I lie in my bed in the morning with an empty brain

Mama keeps reminding me the weight I’ve gained

I turn around, roll my eyes and shut my ears

Shh..It’s better for me to ignore the words I hear


We yell at each other like boom, BOOM

I bang the door and hide myself in my room

Calming down, we can hear the “tik tok, tik tok”

Feeling sorry for the squabble, I hear “knock, knock”


I made some changes after staying home for a week

Playing the music, doing some workouts and painting the Peak

No chips, no candies, no chocolates I swear

Do a yoga pose and breathe in some fresh air


Disappointment, frustration, anger I can feel

But that’s the best way to keep us safe apart from getting ill

Make use of your time by boosting your creative mind

And finally we will find a way out for the humankind


Comments from Dr Eugene Birman:

We so often turn to poetry to find someone else's expression for something we are already feeling, it helps us define and give a name to something that is otherwise so nebulous. I'm sure there is not one absolute experience among young HKers through all this, but we can all identify with what this poem describes, particularly the responsibility to find new ways to spend our time and develop a new relationship with the outside world, the pressure to carry on as if life goes on unchanged. I love that this poet worked on the rhyme and gave such an honest and personal portrayal of his/her days.

Dance with the colour, dance with our city

Dance with the Colour, Dance with our City

Due to the epidemic of COVID-19, many institutions/ amenities are shut down. This photo captures two opposing schools with their classes suspended. In the middle is actually a sports ground which gives the public a reason to go out during the stay-home period. Usually the strong light of the sports ground will catch people’s eyes, yet with the worsening situation, public amenities are also closed, adding to the dimness of the photo. With its vibrant melody, the song Dance with the Colour reminds me of our flourishing city before the outbreak of COVID-19. Hong Kong is always described as a fast-paced city. With the disease outbreak, however, many of us are forced to slow down. There are only a few dwellers wandering around in the photo. I wish the melody could can penetrate everyone, enlighten our city and warm people’s hearts. We can soon spend time with our beloved ones with masks off.


Comments from Dr Eugene Birman:

In times like these, there's this immense pressure to put a happy face on things, be optimistic, and look towards the future. And we should, of course! But what speaks to me so much about this photo is that it respects the reality, it dignifies the seriousness of what we're facing, and it speaks to the hope that music can still bring even in the darkness. Hope isn't always about sunsets, just like this photograph and its lovely accompanying text suggests; it is darkest before the dawn.

Or King Nang's drawing

Comments from Dr Eugene Birman:

This one is really a work of art, from the way the lungs are depicted as growing with verdant life rather than disease, to the beautiful way the exhale is represented through colors and abstract shapes, this drawing is most courageous for me by how it represents the woman without a mask - a future we all hope is near, not far. There is still something intense and focused in her gaze, as if this might be the first natural breath she is able to ever take, yet the drawing speaks so positively and perhaps suggests a utopian outcome, that instead of pollutants, our lungs grow bigger with a newfound communion with our planet.

Peng Ying - Beat the virus

Comments from Dr Eugene Birman:

This drawing combines so many beautiful things about the current crisis that should at the very least remind us how strong our society still is at its heart. The diverse communities depicted in the common aim of reducing the spread of the virus, the young, old, rich, poor working together not in the shadow of the skyscrapers of Central but in fact giving light to the city that, despite being a financial capital, actually runs on the goodness of its people.

Cathy Wong's drawing

Comments from Dr Eugene Birman:

This is a visually stunning picture - dark, honest, and discomforting. It's also incredibly responsive to the music that inspired it. The way the "tik toks" reference time passing (as it does so slowly and tenuously during these weeks), the literal gasp for air, the fear. Yet, we are always with music, it is our double in times of happiness and sadness, of fear and courage. This picture represents it all.