The work of the Centre for Innovative Service-Learning (CISL) is overseen by the Committee on Innovative Service-Learning (ISLC).

Terms of Reference
  1. To report and make recommendations to the Senate on the formulation and implementation of policies and guidelines relating to service-learning in the formal curriculum via the Teaching and Learning Policy Committee.
  2. To promote the use of service-learning pedagogies in enhancing students’ whole-person development in the formal curriculum, and to support the development of innovative interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary service-learning projects.
  3. To support and promulgate the development of innovative and interdisciplinary service-learning projects in the formal curriculum.
  4. To maintain a mutual consulting relationship with the Student Affairs Committee and General Education Committee on matters pertaining to service-learning in the formal curriculum.
  5. To monitor the allocation of funding resources for service-learning projects under the Centre for Innovative Service-Learning and review the necessary resource needs to ensure proper implementation of service-learning in the formal curriculum.
  6. To enhance and maintain general oversight of the operations of the Centre for Innovative Service-Learning.
Membership Composition

Vice-President (Teaching and Learning)

Dr CHAU, Albert


Director of General Education (ex-officio)

Prof CHIU, Sung Nok

Director of Student Affairs (ex-officio)

Prof FOCK, Henry

Director of Centre for Innovative Service-Learning (ex-officio)

Dr LAM, Lisa

Assistant Professor of Department of English Language and Literature


Director of Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Programmes

Dr HO, Glos

Associate Head and Associate Professor of Department of Journalism


Student member

Miss CHUNG, Wai Ha

Student member

Mr WONG, Yun Kit


Senior Service-Learning Lead of Centre for Innovative Service-Learning

Dr CAMUS, Rina