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Getting to know the needs of community and community partners


Ms. Constance Chan, Chief Supervisor (Service Development), Yan Oi Tong

28 Aug 2019

10:30 am to 12:00 noon

AAB 606, Hong Kong Baptist University


Service-Learning enables students to obtain an authentic educational experience through thoughtfully organized service that meets the needs of the community. In this seminar, Ms. Constance Chan, a PhD candidate and the former Service-Learning teaching fellow in Lingnan University, will share, based on her rich experience in coordinating and leading Service-Learning projects, (1) how to assess community needs, (2) how to design Service-Learning activities that address community needs and enhance students’ academic learning. By the end of the seminar, participants should be able to realize the importance and significance of understanding the community needs in the design phase of a Service-Learning project, and learn about the assessment of the community needs. Staff members who have recently started or are about to start teaching Service-Learning subjects are strongly encouraged to attend.

Ms. Constance Chan is a PhD Candidate in National Cheng Kung University and works as Chief Supervisor (Service Development) in Yan Oi Tong (YOT). Before joining YOT, Constance was a Service-Learning Teaching Fellow in Office of Service-Learning, Lingnan University (LU) and responsible to lead and coordinate local Service-Learning projects. She was also involved in professional development among faculty members in Service-Learning in Lingnan University. In 2018, Constance taught a cross-cultural Service-Learning course, collaborating with Oberlin College in the United States, in which students of Lingnan University and Oberlin College learnt from each other through intensive cultural and intellectual exchanges. Moreover, she has contributed heavily to the receiving of Outstanding Social Capital Partnership Award Corporate/Organisation) and the SCB Logo Award under the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF) for Lingnan University in 2018.

CoP-SLHE is one of the initiatives of an UGC-funded project, "Cross-institutional Capacity Building for Service-Learning in Hong Kong Higher Education Institutions (Project No.: PolyU4/T&L/16-19) jointly organised by Hong Kong Baptist University, Lingnan University, The Education University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Our goal is to facilitate sharing of experiences among SL practitioners and interested staff from all UGC-funded institutions and to promote collective learning and the scholarship of teaching and learning in Service-Learning.