The Centre for Innovative Service-Learning (CISL) supports service-learning by connecting academic departments to community partners, facilitating the formation of interdisciplinary teams, and providing appropriate training and support to both students and staff.

Definition of with Service-Learning Definition of with Service-Learning
What Is Service-Learning?

Meaningful service projects anchored in a specific curriculum are developed to contribute to the common good of humankind in the effort to enrich students’ academic learning and personal growth. 

Service-Learning Mini-Grants Service-Learning Mini-Grants
Service-Learning Mini-Grants

To provide support to faculty members for the development and implementation of courses with service-learning components at HKBU, Service-Learning Mini-Grants (The Grants) have been set up by CISL.

Courses Courses

HKBU offers both credit and non-credit service-learning programmes that incorporate community-based learning. You can benefit academically, professionally, and personally from service-learning.

Special Projects Special Projects
Special Projects

CISL promote inter-disciplinary collaboration on SL projects. Students should have opportunities to provide service to the target population.

  • Virtual Service- Learning