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User Guidelines

User Guidelines


TriAngle is open to all HKBU students and staff for co-working, co-making and co-creating social innovation and service-learning projects. We invite you to create a pleasant and friendly working environment with us. Here are our recommendations.


1.    Entry and Usage

  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00
  • Enter with a valid HKBU student or staff card.
  • Facilities are on a first-come-first-served basis unless TriAngle is reserved for pre-booked events.
  • Booking details and event schedules are available at

  • The staff of TriAngle or campus security shall have the final decision in the allocation of space/facilities should there be any dispute between users.

2.    Create Your Space with our Flexible Layout

  • Feel free to move the whiteboards, tables and chairs in TriAngle according to your need. Please clean them up and put them in a neat arrangement after use.
  • Do not move furniture and equipment outside TriAngle.

3.    Be Inspired with our Facilities

  • Create and organize ideas with the drawing boards, drawing paper rolls, card games and books available in TriAngle. Please keep them in good condition for sustainable use.
  • Exhibitions and showcases of HKBU’s innovations are held from time to time. Help us to keep the exhibits intact.
  • Report any damage/malfunction of furniture, materials or fixtures to us so that we can fix them promptly.

4.    Create Synergy of Collaborations

  • TriAngle is a platform for networking and meeting new people. Start a friendly conversation with people around you and build inspirational teamwork.
  • While interactions and idea exchanges are encouraged, avoid unnecessarily loud voices and music that may disturb other users.

5.    Energise Yourself with Snacks and Drinks

  • Light snacks and drinks are allowed. Always keep the environment clean.

6.    Secure Your Personal Belongings

  • Do not leave your personal valuables unattended.
  • Unclaimed items will be sent to the campus security.

7.    Universal Accessibility

  • TriAngle is designed to address various groups of users. We strive to build a barrier-free space for all. If you believe you would have challenges using TriAngle, please contact our staff when / before you come.

8.    Enquiries