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Courses 2019-2020

Courses available in the current semester: 

BIOL3007 Ecology 

Dr Anthony Lau, Dr Michelle Law


Students will use knowledge on biodiversity and ecological succession to conduct a rapid biological assessment and provide a baseline species list of plants, insects, amphibians and birds found at the community partner site - Yan Garden in Dongguan. They will also teach groundskeepers of Yan Garden and students from the local community to use mobile applications to identify and document species found there. The visit will allow the local community to envision the results of ecological restoration. 


BIOL4015 Fermentation and Enzyme Technology

Dr Patrick Yue


The project will pair up university and secondary school students to work on interactive activities related to fermentation and science. University students will design games and case studies to introduce fermentation and its application to daily lives. In particular, students will demonstrate how fermentation can achieve zero food waste and make garbage enzymes for cleaning purposes. Our students will also design innovative recipes and prepare snacks that involve the use of fermentation.  


CHEM4085 Food Analysis 

Dr Gray Ho


Students of the course will apply their knowledge of food analysis to assist Foodlink, an NGO that redistributes surplus food from local caterers to marginalised groups, to meet the stringent standard of food safety and quality. They will also assist in the redistribution of food at homeless shelters and to the street dwellers. 


CHIL2005 History of Classical Chinese Literature (Pre-Qin to the Five Dynasties)

Dr Chan Hon Man


Students of the course will act as literary tour guides for secondary school students in Tuen Mun, imparting historical insights and literary knowledge to our next generation, and giving guidance on the compulsory classical Chinese texts in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) syllabus. 


CMED3058 Orthopaedics and Traumatology of Chinese Medicine and Tui Na I 

Dr Tu Feng, Mr Cheung Chun Hoi


The popular use of traditional Chinese medicine for orthopaedic conditions has stood well against the test of time. Students of the course will use their professional knowledge to help relieve the pain symptoms of the elderly. They will also introduce measures to prevent falling among the elderly. 


GDAR1887/GDSC1887 Paths to Service Leadership in Health Services

Dr Kevin Yue, Dr Wu Ho Yee, Mr Cheung Chun Hoi


Special emphasis will be put on health communication involving healthcare personnel, administrators, the community and the media. Students will provide services to needy groups in two host organisations such as elderly homes and Chinese medicine clinics. 


GDCV1007 Hong Kong Cinema and Hong Kong Culture  

Dr Chen Chih-ting


The course will require students to conduct interviews with grass-root, marginalised community members in Yau Ma Tei and produce a documentary about their interviewees' cinematic memories. The interviewees will then be invited to a screening of the documentaries as well as a film of their own choice in Broadway Cinematheque, which is also in the Yau Ma Tei neighbourhood. The project aims at rebuilding connections with the underprivileged communities through the sharing of a very important cultural resource: Hong Kong cinema.  


MKTG3006 Global Marketing

Dr Glos Ho


Students will be global marketers of local Hong Kong traditions in this project. They will assist a social enterprise, Eldage, in customizing one of its popular products, Hong Kong public light bus sign keychain for an Asian market (Korea, Japan, Thailand or Indonesia).  


ORGC2025 Interpersonal Communication 

Mr Henry Fung


This course introduces students to the major theories and principles of effective communication. In this service project, students will organise interpersonal communication workshops for secondary school students to enhance their self-esteem and communication skills.  


ORGC3047 Organizational Event Planning and Management

Dr Kimmy Cheng


Students will apply event management principles and practices in helping the CSR (corporate social responsibility) team of South China Morning Post (SCMP) to organise and execute its annual flagship fundraising event (5-A-Side Football Tournament) in November. They will take charge of a specific task e.g. preparing crisis management plan, negotiating with donors, etc. 


PCMD3036 Health Care in Chinese Medicine 

Dr Zhang Qingling


Students of this course will join farming activities with elderly and students from Lingnan University. During the activities, HKBU students will interview the elderly about their diet, eating habits and healthy living wisdom, such as secret recipe or family recipe. Making use of the knowledge and theories learned in the course, students will then analyse the information collected and provide recommendations on the elderly’s diet and eating habits that better suit the nutritional needs of elderly.  


PERM3016 Fitness and Recreation for Selected Population

Dr Chen Kuan-Chou Kenneth


Students will learn and apply knowledge on how to modify exercises for individuals and groups based on age, medical conditions and special needs. In this project, students will serve as fitness instructors to design and lead two half-day activities for two selected populations: children with special needs and the elderly.  


PERM3037 Motor Learning and Development 

Prof Cheung Siu Yin


Students of this course will apply what they have learned to facilitate motor learning and promote physical exercise. They will design a Wellness Promotion Programme for Hong Kong Baptist Hospital Au Shue Hung Health Centre. The Programme will consist of dance, exercises and games and will target older adults.  


POLS2007 Introduction to Research Methods

Dr Kenneth Chan


The service-learning component of this course grasps the timely opportunity of an anticipated political tsunami inflicted on the pro-government parties and their candidates. It invites students to explore “inclusive governance” by addressing concerns about electoral integrity in Hong Kong and exploring effective ways to promote gender issues in the District Council election. Students will set up e-platforms to collect data and observe the election in order to explore the gender dynamics in various districts and communities and gender mainstreaming in the society at large.  


PRAD3105 Strategic Communication Practicum  

Dr Michelle Huang, Mr Henry Fung


This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to synthesise their previous learning by applying communication theories and skills into practice. Under the supervision of the course instructors, students will work in groups for a real-world client to conduct on- or off-campus projects in productions of public relations collaterals, marketing research, event management and branding, or delivery of CSR strategies. 


TRAN4047 Translation Workshop

Dr Pan Jun


Students in the Translation Workshop will involve in the work of the third sector and assist them in providing people with access to vital knowledge in their language. They will apply their bilingual skills and serve the community at large. Towards the end of the course, these young translators will produce and publish the second issue of TransFeed (a bilingual magazine) that reflects upon their authentic translation services provided to the community. 


VART3405 Studio: Experience Design  

Mr Kingsley Ng, Mr Andrea Ingrassia, Dr Evelyn Kwok


Students of this 9-unit course will (re)design food and culinary experience on HKBU campus and improve its controversial food culture. The project encourages students to propose and implement ideas that will promote healthy living and low-carbon food, and the service component is a mixture of direct and indirect services as well as advocacy.  


For detailed course syllabus, please refer to the University Student Handbook.