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Academic Year 1819, First Semester

Courses in the 1st semester:

Department/School  Course Title
Academy of Film  Documentary Production
Academy of Visual Arts Public Arts
Department of Biology Fermentation and Enzyme Technology
Department of Chemistry  Food Analysis
Department of Chinese Language and Literature History of Classical Chinese Literature (Pre-Qin to the Five Dynasties)
Department of Communication Studies Organizational Event Planning and Management
Department of Communication Studies Audience Measurement and Engagement
Department of Economics Big Data Analytics
Department of English Language and Literature Translation Workshop
Department of History Current Issues in Hong Kong and China
Department of Humanities and Creative Writing Chinese Song Lyrics Writing
Department of Management Performance Appraisal and Rewards
Department of Sport and Physical Education Motor Learning and Development
General Education Office Paths to Service Leadership in Health Services
School of Chinese Medicine Orthopaedics and Traumatology of Chinese Medicine and Tui Na I

For detailed course syllabus, please refer to the University Student Handbook.