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Pre-service Training for Students

To achieve better learning outcomes and service impact, students need to be prepared for the additional service projects in SL courses. Upon request by course instructors, CISL will invite experienced trainers to provide pre-service training for students.

Please contact us ( / 3411-2472) to arrange any of the trainings below for your SL courses. The trainings can be customized based on your request and nature of service projects.


1. Service Attitude
Content: Basic attitudes and responsibilities of volunteers; DOs and DON’Ts when working with community partners and service targets. This training is suitable for students who do not have experiences in voluntary services.
Duration: 3 hours
Format: Interactive workshop in a classroom setting
2. Skills for Serving Specific Service Users
Content: Students will learn about the characteristic, needs and challenges of their service users such as children with special educational needs, elderly, mentally disabled persons, etc. They will also be equipped with appropriate conducts (e.g. child protection policy), attitudes and communication skills to interact with the targets effectively.
Duration: 3 hours
Format: Classroom setting with interactive role plays and case studies
3. Programme Planning and Management
Content: This workshop focuses on planning and management skills. Students will learn how to work as a team to prepare and organize small-to-medium-scaled voluntary services.
Duration: 3 - 4 hours
Format: Classroom setting with interactive group discussions and case studies
4. Design Thinking
Content: This workshop will stress the importance of cultivating empathy for end users, interpreting and framing problems they experience, generating creative solutions, and continuous prototyping and testing. Innovation and collaboration skills will be also emphasized in this Design Thinking workshop.
Duration: Half day / Full day
Format: Practical workshop to walk through design thinking process using real case studies
5. Presentation and Communication Skills
Content: In service projects involving interviews, presentations, school talks, roadshows and campaigns, volunteers will communicate with and speak in the public. This workshop aims to improve students’ skills and confidence in public speaking and communications with different stake-holders so that they will be able to deliver their messages effectively.
Duration: 3- 4 hours
Format: Workshop with practices
6. Introduction to First Aid
Content: Health and safety are always of prime importance when organizing voluntary services. Although safety precautions are carefully planned, accidents may happen. This training will prepare students to respond to basic injuries immediately on site so as to prevent the health condition of the injured from getting worse. This training is recommended to organizers of outdoor services in remote rural areas and services involving vigorous body movements. (Note: The training will be provided by qualified First Aid Training Agency. However, it will not be a certificate course since such course usually requires 30 hours of training.)
Duration: 5 - 8 hours
Format: Classroom setting with demonstration and practices