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Service-Learning Mini-Grants 2018/19 (2nd round)

12 Oct 2018

Service-Learning Mini-Grants 2018/19 (2nd round)

The Centre for Innovative Service-Learning is now inviting applications for the Service-Learning Mini-Grants 2018/19 (2nd round) which provides financial support to faculty members for the development and implementation of service-learning courses at HKBU.

Academic and teaching staff who design and deliver the following are eligible for the Mini-Grants:

  1. UGC-funded credit-bearing courses with SL components (see definitions), or
  2. Non-credit bearing service projects with a roadmap for converting into UGC-funded credit-bearing courses.
Type of Projects Maximum Funding Amount for Course Instructor/Project Leader Maximum Subsidies for Students
Hong Kong $30,000 per project $1,000 per team project
$300 per individual project
Mainland $50,000 per project $2,500 per student *
Asia Pacific $70,000 per project $3,500 per student *
Others $100,000 per project $5,000 per student *

*up to 100% of the actual expenses will be granted to students with financial needs

The funding may be used for:

  1. Temporary assistants to support course development and implementation
  2. General expenses e.g. project materials
  3. Inter-city transportation and lodging for non-local service projects (for both staff and students)
  1. Applicants should send the completed application form to before 16 Nov 2018 (Friday).  Review of applications and decisions will be on a rolling basis.
  2. Application guidelines and form can be downloaded HERE

Kiki Chan 

Assistant Project Officer

Centre for Innovative Service-Learning, HKBU

3411 2472