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Creative expression competition

“Listen to Yourself: Wonder from Home”

25 Mar 2020

Listen to yourself: Wonder from home

Thank you for joining our competition. Submissions are well-received, and the Organiser has decided to cancel the online voting session and let the judging panel select the winning entries directly. The results will be announced in early May. Thank you for your kind attention and understanding. Stay healthy!


Students and alumni from the Department of Music at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) have produced five uplifting pieces of music using either their own voices or different musical instruments. These musical pieces are composed for users of a new co-working space called TriAngle (Facebook: HKBU TriAngle; ig: hkbutriangle) located at HKBU and aim to enhance their productivity and creativity. 

During this class suspension period, HKBU would like to engage secondary school students to spend their free time more meaningfully and creatively. We invite you to look for inspiration in our talented students’ music and share your feelings in any forms of creative means.


First thing first: Listen to our handsome professor - Dr Eugene Birman


All Hong Kong secondary school students (both local and international schools) are welcome to join.

How to join?

  1. Listen to the five pieces of music below.
  2. Share your thoughts on any of the pieces with a creative idea in one of the following formats:
    • Creative/expressive writing/lyrics (English/Chinese; 200/300 words max.)
    • Poems/poetry (English/Chinese; 200/300 words max.)
    • Photo/painting (can also be a collage of different images)

    *Note: no matter which category you choose, you are expected to express your thoughts during this difficult period of time as provoked by the music.

  3. Upload your entry to on or before 17 April 2020

Prize (eslite cash coupons)

There will be a total of 15 awards.

For each musical piece, there will be:

  • A “Best” award ($1000 cash coupons)
  • Two outstanding picks ($500 cash coupons each)

Certificates of participation will be awarded to all 15 winners. We will also consider producing and publishing an online CD/album that features the winning contributions, and they will be showcased on various social media platforms as well.


Prize Winner Selection

The selection process will consist of two rounds: In the first round, a judging panel comprised of HKBU staff members and students from the Department of Music as well as other departments/units will select ten outstanding entries for each musical piece. These 50 entries will then enter the second round and they will be uploaded to where a poll will be created. For each musical piece, the entry that receives the highest number of votes will be the “Best” award, and the first and second runner-ups will be the two outstanding picks.

Closing Date

17 April 2020

Let Your Heart Sing

Composer: Yung Sin Kan Bonnie; Cellist: Wong Hei Chit

Listen closely to what your heart has to say, and you will find your way. Let your heart speak, let it sing, let it lead your way.

Can you feel the breath?

Composer: Lee Pui Lok Candice; Vocalist: Cong Wei

Air is essential for breathing. Yet, breathing is not just what is essential for life, it also expresses how we feel. Exciting, tiring, relaxing, shocking, all kinds of feelings can be expressed through breathing.

Rock Your Ideas

Composer: Hau Yu Kin Anthony; Flutist: Wong Tak Him Ernest

"Rock Your Ideas!” is composed for a solo flute. The form of the piece is based on a programmatic idea with 3 different stages – from wondering; stretching; to a relaxing and full-of-thought state of mind, which represents the whole process of rocking your ideas. By stretching your body, creative ideas would come when the person’s body is relaxed. In the piece, the chromatic notes represent a person wondering, the leaping notes represent a person stretching, and finally the whole-tone and pentatonic scale patterns represent a person relaxing.

A Short Fantasie

Composer: Abbie Wong; Clarinetist: Lau Tak Yin Jack

We always come across ups and downs. All those experiences strengthen us, trigger us to grow and to explore. The piece begins with a soft and still introduction which gives space for recalling memories. Soon, an emotional and rhythmic passage goes on. There are lots of slides in the piece and contrasts in dynamics which give excitement and humour, implying the unpredictable things that occur in our life. However, like the mood of the piece, it would be better to be cheerful and relaxed to face all the bittersweet.

Dance with the Colour

Composer: Yung Sin Kan Bonnie; Violinist: Ho Wing Lok Enoch

Look around, and immerse in this colourful world. Let the vibrancy penetrate you, and dance with it.


Sponsored by Hung Hin Shiu Foundation