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TriAngle: Potato Community Lab -Pitching Day

Potato Community Lab

Mr Clive Lee

13 Nov 2020

4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Online Via Zoom


Are you looking for resources to realise your idea? Do you want to make any change to yourself, your family or the community? Test your idea on the Potato Community Lab Pitching Day! Clive Lee will continue to teach you skills of Silicon Valley Elevator Pitch and Social Media Marketing, which will help you pitch like a pro! You will also be pitching your idea for 3 minutes. Win the HKD3,000 Best Pitching Award and other HKD500 Runner-up awards!

你有一個idea想實現,但沒有resources?你想挑戰自己pitching口才?抑或你發現鄰居需要,想幫吓佢?任何事情也有第一次!不論是改變自己、家庭或社區,你也可以參加pitching day!
李家倫先生 (Clive) 今次繼續傳授美國Silicon Valley Elevator Pitch 和Social Media Marketing 技巧,提升你pitching參賽獲獎能力。再邀請你以個人或組隊方式,即場小試牛刀用三分鐘Pitching,競逐HKD$3,000 Best Pitching Award及三名HKD$500優異獎!

Pitching Day: 小薯Show Time規則




4)曾參與「小薯社區實驗室」工作坊 (小薯變Big Boss、社區導賞或社創技巧工作坊) 的同學可優先參賽,不用重新報名。

5)其他同學需提交300字(中或英文)Pitching 演講內容,以確定參賽資格。


Pitching guideline:

1)Each student can only participate in one pitching

2)Time allowed for each participating unit (individual or group) is 3 minutes.

3)Theme: Big Changes with Small Actions (on individual, family, community or world)

4)Seats are first reserved for students who participated in previous workshops of Potato Community Lab. For new participants, please apply below with 300 words of pitching ideas.

5)All participants are entitled to be “Potato Researcher”. They will enjoy preferential arrangement in future TriAngle events and a bag of potato chips!

Mr Clive Ka-lun Lee is the CEO of Phoenix Foundation, former CEO of Yidan Prize Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative Scholar. He has 20 years of experience in philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, social enterprise, non-governmental organisations and foundations. He has traveled around the world as a speaker to train more than ten thousands of audiences and instructed over 1000 mentees from 60 countries.