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Introduction to Ionic for building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps


Mr. Dave Fung

23 Oct 2019

3:00 pm to 4:30 pm

TriAngle (DLB 306) Level 3, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University


In this workshop, you will learn to use the popular Ionic development platform, which let you create mobile apps for seamless deployment on both iOS and Android phones. Bring your own laptop and mobile phone, and experience Ionic in a hands-on manner! *For Undergraduate students only **Bring your own devices (laptop and mobile phone) ***MUST have basic knowledge in HTML and website development experience

The Apps Resource Centre help students develop a combination of design and programming skills by providing guidance and mentoring from professional computer programmers and designers.

We aim to:

  1. Develop mobile apps to address problems lecturers have in their courses with Hong Kong students.
  2. Create a studio-based learning atmosphere conducive to fostering creativity and innovation, under which students can exercise their problem-solving and design skills through the creation of mobile apps.
  3. Encourage students to serve the larger community by creating mobile apps benefiting educational, social, and environmental causes.

The Apps Resource Centre is a cross-institutional initiative funded by The University Grants Committee of Hong Kong: “Coding, Design, and Global Involvement: Engaging Students in Multi-domain Active Learning Through the Creation of Mobile Apps and an Apps Resource Centre (ARC)”  (HKBU1/T&L/16-19)