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How Service-Learning Promotes Intergenerational Harmony and Sustainable Partnership - A Case Study in a Science Course


Prof. Jonathan FONG, Science Unit, Lingnan University; Mr. Alan WONG, Assistant Discovery & Education Manager, Ocean Park Hong Kong

28 Oct 2019

12:30 pm to 2:00 pm

TriAngle (DLB 306) Level 3, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University


In this workshop, the results of a service-learning project between the Office of Service Learning and the Science Unit at Lingnan University together with Ocean Park will be shared. The Project is to investigate how inclusion of elders in a service-learning project facilitates open communication and reciprocal learning between different age groups, and whether it promotes intergenerational harmony beyond traditional goals of service-learning. This Project brings together traditional university students and elderly students from Lingnan University Elderly Academy Program directed by the Lingnan Institute of Further Education (LIFE). The intergenerational teams work together to transmit their new knowledge and educate Ocean Park visitors thereby fulfiling Ocean Park’s goal of enriching visitor experience, as well as promoting awareness of marine conservation and sustainability. The positive impacts of working with the community partner in service-learning and conducting intergenerational service-learning project will be shared in the workshop.

Prof. Jonathan FONG

Jonathan is an assistant professor in the Science Unit at Lingnan University. His research interests are on the evolution and conservation of amphibian and reptiles. At Lingnan, he uses Service-Learning and outdoor learning to instill excitement for science education and nature in non-science majors.


Mr. Alan WONG

Alan is currently working as an Assistant Discovery & Education Manager at Ocean Park Hong Kong, He has served the Park for more than eight years. He is responsible for managing, planning, organizing and conducting volunteer and internship programmes with NGO and universities to convey animal conservation messages to park visitors. Alan has trained more than 1000 volunteers, of different age from Corporate to Schools, from Elders to Youth.

CoP-SLHE is one of the initiatives of an UGC-funded project, "Cross-institutional Capacity Building for Service-Learning in Hong Kong Higher Education Institutions (Project No.: PolyU4/T&L/16-19) jointly organised by Hong Kong Baptist University, Lingnan University, The Education University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Our goal is to facilitate sharing of experiences among SL practitioners and interested staff from all UGC-funded institutions and to promote collective learning and the scholarship of teaching and learning in Service-Learning.