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[Entrepreneurship for Social Good Series] Recycling: A Sustainable Business?

Student Staff

Mr Harold Yip

12 Apr 2022

3:30 pm to 5:00pm


Among the 2,600 tonnes of paper produced In Hong Kong every day, only 29% was eventually recycled. Is recycling sustainable, both for the environment and the business itself? Mr. Harold Yip, the founder of Mil Mill, Hong Kong’s first pulp mill that recycles beverage cartons, will give us an overview of the local recycling industry and share his own experience of turning waste paper into toilet rolls and paper towels. What is behind the 'Made in HK’ recycled toilet rolls? How can the recycling industry be innovative? Join this seminar and discuss circular economy inside the recycling industry with Harold!

Mr Harold Yip is a strong believer in sustainability and circular economy. In 2009, he founded a waste management company specialising in office wastes. With the support of the Recycling Fund, he established Mil Mill in 2019.

Through a series of online seminars, TriAngle Co-working Space endeavours to inspire students with entrepreneurial and social innovation spirit. Speakers with different expertise and experiences will be brought together to empower students to grow into future social entrepreneurs.

Cantonese-English interpreting is provided by Inter-Link, a HKBU student-led interpreting company.
Student interpreters:  CHUNG Wai Ha Kate,  LAM Pui Yi Michelle
Supervisor: Dr. Janice PAN